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Headshot Dilemma

I remember like it was yesterday. It was a Monday afternoon, 2:23 PM, and my manager was putting together a slide show presentation to show a client who the team members were for an upcoming project. She reached out to me via Skype messenger and asks me to send her my headshot. In 15 years of working on my job, I'd never been asked for a headshot. What the heck!? I responded letting her know that I didn't have one. Being the kind person she is, she says, "It's OK, just send me a good picture of yourself that you'd like me to include in the slides." So, anxiously, I start scrolling through my phone gallery. After scrolling through hundreds of pictures on my phone I couldn't find one, not one picture suitable to be used in a professional setting.
I don't know if you're anything like me but most of my picture gallery  contains images of my child, my awesome chef skills, the occasional "ussie", and some gnarly pictures of me posing in my ca…

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