We all know how important it is to have a headshot. It's how you make your first impression. If you don't have your headshot on your profile, you're missing out on making the connections that will propel your career or business.

Here are 5 tips to help you take a good headshot with your phone.

  1. Use the lens on the back of your phone
    On most phones, there are two cameras. One on the front, and one on the back. Typically, the camera on the back of the phone is the better camera. It has more megapixels and produces a higher resolution image. High resolution is key when taking a good image. Think, HD vs. SD. HD or high definition has a higher resolution and produces a clearer image than standard definition (SD).
  2. Clean the camera lens
    We carry our phones around with us everywhere we go, and in doing so, our phones collect a good amount of debris, fingerprints and smudges. Before taking your headshot with your phone, you'll need to clean the lens and ensure that it's clear of any smudges, fingerprints, etc. To clean, spray a little lens cleaner on a microfiber lens cloth and wipe the lens. Lens wipes are also perfectly fine for cleaning your phones camera lens.
  3. Stand in a brightly lit area
    Lighting is another key element in capturing a good image. Did you know that the word photography means "painting with light"? So that means lighting is pretty critical. Find a space that is brightly lit with a light, or white background. The light colored background will help to bounce the light in the room, making for a brighter image. If you're in direct light, you should filter the light by using a white curtain or white paper blinds like the ones from Ikea.
  4. Clear your background
    Keep in mind, this is an image you're using for your business profile, so your background should be clear or at least neatly organized. Remember, this image is your prospects first impression of you.
  5. Grab a buddy or a phone stand
    When I took my first headshot, I enlisted the help of my then, 10 year old daughter. I set up the lights, the backdrop, adjusted the camera settings and asked her to push the button. If you don't have someone available to push the button, then you can use a phone stand along with the timer on your camera app.

Following these tips you’ll be able to take a fairly decent headshot for job applications, zoom meetings, and your LinkedIn profile.

You can also contact me and we can discuss your headshot needs.


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